• Thermal processing quality of plastic molds for mold functions

    The thermal processing quality of plastic mold has a great influence on the function and life of the mold. In actual life operations, our mold shop requires excellence in the planning and production of various molds, and there will still be problems in specific operations. Let's follow the Shenzhen ... read more

    Mar 06,2020 News
  • Why should the plastic mold of the injection part be tested?

    The disadvantages of injection molded products are caused during the plasticization and injection of plastic injection molds, but sometimes they are related to irrational design. The influencing factors include: the type of injection inlet, the number of plastic mold cavities, location and size, col... read more

    Mar 14,2020 News
  • What are the main uses of plastic injection molds in detail?

    In the production of various industrial products, plastic injection molds are required, which is an important process equipment. Along with the rapid development of the plastic industry, plastic products have been promoted and used in the aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery and other industri... read more

    Mar 20,2020 News
  • Common problems and solutions for injection processing

    First, the product has burrs Possible Causes: 1. The mold exhaust hole is blocked; 2. Shooting pressure and holding pressure are too high; 3. The machine pressure is too high, the parting force is greater than the clamping force, and the mold is forced to open 4. The rate of fire is too fast and the... read more

    Mar 28,2020 News
  • Production characteristics of forming dies

    1. Each set of molds can only produce plastic parts with a specific shape, size and accuracy. Therefore, when there are slight differences in production patterns, the molds must be changed instead of being replaced. 2. Due to the development of the market economy, the speed of new product launches i... read more

    Apr 03,2020 News