• High Foam Polystyrene Mould

    It is a mold that uses expandable polystyrene (bead material composed of polystyrene and foaming agent) to form foam packaging materials of various shapes. The principle is that polystyrene can be steam-formed in the mold, including simple manual operation molds and hydraulic press straight-through ... read more

    Jan 04,2020 News
  • Design principle of mold

    Because different molding dies have been applied in many fields, coupled with the development of professional mold manufacturing technology in these years, there have been certain changes and developments. Therefore, in this section, the general design rules of vacuum suction molding dies are summar... read more

    Jan 11,2020 News
  • Features of injection mold processing

    1. Long process flow, tight processing time. For injection molded parts, many are complete products that are matched with other parts, and in many cases, they have already been completed in other parts. Kong Yin looks forward to the completion of the injection molded parts. Because of the high requi... read more

    Feb 10,2020 News
  • What are the two parts of a plastic mold?

    Mould injection molding is a processing method used in the batch production of some chaotic shapes. The detailed principle is that the plastic raw materials that are heated and melted are pushed into the cavity of the plastic mold by the high-pressure injection of the screw of the injection molding ... read more

    Feb 22,2020 News
  • Injection molds are classified according to system type

    (1) Large nozzle injection mold The runner and the gate are on the parting line, and they are demolded together with the product when the mold is opened. The plan is simple, easy to process, and the cost is low, so more people use the large nozzle system. (2) Fine nozzle injection mold The runner an... read more

    Feb 28,2020 News