• Plastic blow mould

    It is a kind of mold used to mold hollow containers of plastic containers (such as beverage bottles, daily chemical products, etc.). The form of blow molding mainly consists of extrusion blow molding hollow molding and injection blow molding hollow molding. , injection stretch blow molding hollow mo... read more

    Oct 26,2019 News
  • What are the materials for the mold?

    Common materials used for molds: T7, T8, T12, 6CrW2Si, 5CrMnMo, Cr12, Cr12MoV. The use of the mold is different, and the choice of mold materials is different. 1, A mold is a tool that makes a blank into a part of a specific shape and size under the action of an external force. Widely used in blanki... read more

    Nov 01,2019 News
  • Plastic blister mould

    It is a kind of mold for forming some simple plastic products by using plastic plates and sheets as raw materials. The principle is to use the vacuuming method or the compressed air forming method to fix the plastic plates and sheets fixed on the die or the punch. When heated and softened, it is def... read more

    Nov 09,2019 News
  • Mold temperature requirements

    The temperature inside the mold is not uniform, and is closely related to the time point in its cycle. The role of the mold temperature machine is to keep the temperature constant, that is, to prevent the temperature difference from fluctuating in the production process. The following are several wa... read more

    Nov 15,2019 News
  • Plastic mold classification and common plastics

    plastic stool mould classification and common plastics First, the classification of plastic mold 1, based on injection molding materials, can be divided into: A, thermoplastic injection mold; B, thermosetting plastic injection mold; C, elastomer plastic injection mold (such as rubber silicone mold);... read more

    Nov 23,2019 News