• What are the main points of making a chair mould?

    1. The steel material of the chair mould is generally made of steel of P20 or 718. 2. Gate method: 90% of the Sinuo chair molds generally use side gates, and some use hot runners. 3. Demoulding method: The top of the thimble is on the rib. If the robot is taken out, it is topped up. If it is automat... read more

    Sep 06,2019 News
  • What kind of material is the mold for making plastic stools?

    The materials used in plastic molds are: P-20, 718, 718H, s136, s136h, H-13, 420, etc. The injection mold is divided into a soft mold and a hard mold in terms of materials. The soft mold is generally made of P-20 pre-hardened steel, and the backward place is made of carbon steel of No. 45 or above, ... read more

    Sep 12,2019 News
  • Plastic injection (plastic) mold

    It is mainly a molding mold which is most commonly used in the production of thermoplastic parts. The processing equipment corresponding to the plastic injection mold is a plastic injection molding machine. The plastic is first heated and melted in the heating barrel of the injection machine, and th... read more

    Sep 21,2019 News