• Mold composition

    Although the structure of the mold may vary depending on the type and performance of the plastic, the shape and structure of the plastic product, and the type of the injection machine, the basic structure is uniform. The mold is mainly composed of a gating system, a temperature control system, a mol... read more

    Jul 19,2019 News
  • Mold performance

    1. Low density: The low density of plastics is of great significance for reducing the weight and energy saving of mechanical equipment, especially for vehicles, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft. 2. Specific strength and specific stiffness: The absolute strength of plastic is not as high as that of me... read more

    Jul 27,2019 News
  • Mold process performance

    Mold manufacturing generally involves several processes such as forging, cutting, and heat treatment. In order to ensure the quality of the mold and reduce the production cost, the material should have good forgeability, machinability, hardenability, hardenability and grindability; it should also ha... read more

    Aug 12,2019 News
  • Maintenance of the mold.

    1: After the mold is used for a long time, the cutting edge must be sharpened. After grinding, the cutting edge surface must be demagnetized, and it cannot be magnetic, otherwise it will easily block the material. The mold manufacturer must make detailed records, count its use, care (lubrication, cl... read more

    Aug 19,2019 News
  • Cause of mold loss

    1) The problem of the material of the main working parts of the mold is improperly selected. The material performance is poor, not wear-resistant; the mold steel is not refined, and has a large number of smelting defects; the convex and concave mold, the forging blank forging process is not perfect,... read more

    Aug 30,2019 News