Mold process characteristics


Due to the high technological content and high price of […]

Due to the high technological content and high price of advanced processing equipment for extrusion molding, the current use is not common. At present, China's process characteristics of extrusion die are mainly as follows:
1. Since the extrusion die is mostly a single set of production, there is no requirement for interchangeability. In the manufacturing, the “real matching method” is used more, that is, according to the size of a certain part, another matching part is prepared, such as pressing the hole. The size of the machine to machine the shaft; or "same method", that is, two holes of the same size, such as the template and the mold base, can be fixed together and pulled out to ensure the same size and precision.
2. In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, ordinary metal cutting machine tools, conventional tools, measuring tools and tooling fixtures should be used in the processing of mold parts to minimize the number of tools.
3. In the production process of the extrusion die, the process should be relatively concentrated, which can reduce the waste time of back and forth, to ensure the processing quality and efficiency of the mold, and simplify production management.