• The development of mold industry put forward new requirements for equipment

    In the afternoon of April 10th, at the CCMT2018 exhibition site, invited by the organizer China Machine Tool Industry Association, the China Die and Mould Industry Association held an exchange seminar. The model association secretary-general Qin Hao made a title of “China's mould industry and The th... read more

    Oct 11,2018 Company News
  • China's mold industry and modern manufacturing co-dependent development

    In 2017, China's mold sales exceeded 200 billion yuan, and 243.3 billion Chinese mold consumption values supported 27 trillion yuan in product manufacturing. China National Association of Mold Manufacturers Qin Hao, secretary of the China National Mould Industry Association, said on the "Mold and Mo... read more

    Nov 24,2018 Company News
  • The scarcity of molds and other talents

    Yesterday, the Shenyang Municipal Employment Bureau announced the Shenyang Occupational Supply and Demand data for the second quarter of 2013. In the second quarter, Shenyang Enterprises issued a total of 111,133 recruitment announcements through the human resources market, 112,440 of which were Yes... read more

    Nov 24,2018 Company News
  • Mold classification

    Injection molding die The plastic is first heated and melted in the heating barrel of the injection molding machine, and then pushed into the mold cavity through the nozzle and mold casting system under the push of the injection machine screw or piston, and finally hardened and shaped in the cavity,... read more

    Apr 13,2019 News
  • Die casting mold structure and material requirements

    Die-casting molds can be used to make castings with complex shapes, high precision and excellent surface quality. Among them, the most important process equipment in the quality assurance of die-casting parts and the common working environment are quite bad. What is the structure of the die-casting ... read more

    Apr 19,2019 News