Technology Advantage

In order to realize the micron-level precision requirements of each part, we have established a complete quality control system and introduced a series of high-precision testing instruments including ZEISS three-coordinate measuring instrument, Japan MITUTOYO, and Swiss Danqing TRIMOS two-dimensional altimeter, Switzerland TAST measuring instrument, Japan FT hardness tester.

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The way the plastic is injected into the mold is very important in determining the quality. The injection molding process can be clearly analyzed by the predictive power of pressure, temperature, and stress.

Consider the effect of mold temperature, melt temperature, and fill time on product quality, as well as the pressure and time that the package generates.

Moldflow can be used to evaluate optimum process conditions, forming window size, material selection, pressure during injection molding, gate location, and wall thickness.

Design of the door

Moldflow is a tool that compares the effectiveness of various valve designs, including: gate location, size of the forming window at the gate, filling mode, and gate size based on the shear rate.

Design of gating system

Once the hot runner system is added to the model, the droplet size needs to be adjusted to ensure that the fill pattern is acceptable.

Design of cooling system

The mold cooling system usually includes the following components: temperature control unit, pump, supply manifold, hoses, cooling channels in the mold, and collection manifolds.

2Technical team

HOKI Mold Provide a complete design solution and provide customer support during all product development cycles. If you have a new idea, we will explore innovative solutions based on your ideas, from concept sketches to comprehensive engineering and market solutions.

Our technical team learns from many years of experience and draws in many areas to develop a successful mold product. We analyze part designs for all new projects, apply experience designed for production, maximize mold capabilities, minimize secondary operations, reduce assembly time, and simplify positioning. At every stage, we do our utmost to make the perfect combination of materials, manpower, machine efficiency, cost-effectiveness and production.

MWe are proud to work with many partners on difficult projects. We introduce innovative solutions to ensure successful and timely product launches. Always emphasize that customers fully participate in the project early, and ultimately save time and costs, and avoid possible problems.

As part of our design and manufacturing services, we can recommend suitable plastics and additives based on your product needs.

We are very experienced with various polymers, whether they are common or unique materials. If you need guidance on material selection, please contact us.

As a customer, you can make your request as much as possible. We provide personalized design services to ensure that you achieve your goals. We use many years of industry experience to ensure that your design will eventually become the product you want and will be efficiently produced by the mold from the back.

Major CAD Systems: Single Graphics / NX8.0 / 10

. CATIA / Pro E / Solid Works

. AutoDesk Mold Flow/ MPI

Mold Feasibility Analysis Software

. CAM:UG / hypermillug /Hyper Mill

File types: IGS, STP, x-t

Equipment advantage

HOKI Mold attaches great importance to the updating of machinery and equipment. At present, our factory has more than 50 sets of various mold steel processing equipment, such as CNC machine tools. We have high-precision Taiwan gaofeng brand. The double-head EDM not only works more efficiently, but it can also use large molds.

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The high-speed engraving machine guarantees fast machining and high-precision machining of the mold, and is more expensive than ordinary engraving machines. The mold assembly machine can assemble large molds instead of manuals to obtain higher quality molds. On the other hand, we have 7 different sizes of haitian injection molding machines for mold testing to check if the molds are working well. We equip our machines with specific products, install the latest camera systems, and monitor each part.

The following is a detailed explanation of high-speed machining: High-speed machining is an advanced manufacturing technology that is different from traditional machining methods. The spindle speed, the cutting feed rate, the small amount of cutting, and the removal time per unit of material are reduced by three to six times. In the automotive industry, aerospace, mold manufacturing and instrumentation industries with high efficiency, high precision and high surface quality, it has been widely used and has achieved remarkable economic benefits. It is an important advanced manufacturing technology in the contemporary era. For a long time, people have been using the method of grinding or milling electric discharge machining(EDM), grinding and polishing. Although the EDM has a high hardness, its application productivity is low. With the development of high-speed machining technology, mold processing has been made to replace high-speed cutting, grinding and polishing, which can shorten the processing cycle, ensure reliable processing quality, and reduce processing costs.

Quality Control

Demonstrate our advantages from this space

Precision - Consider all the details

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1Smart Management

Demonstrate our advantages from this space

We are the world's leading equipment in the industry, Switzerland STUDER, CHARMILLES, MAZAK, KURAKI, MAKINO, TOSHIBA, TOKBA OKUMA and other high-precision processing equipment, combined with many years of exploration and optimization of the processing process, laid a solid foundation for the production of high-quality preform mold.

Precision - Consider all the details

We care about every detail of the mold, determine the quality with details, and build the brand with quality.

Each product is carefully selected to ensure high-quality “zero-defect” accessories that meet corporate standards above industry standards.

2Quality Control

  • Mold design control

    The company can provide product analysis and Moldflow report to give customers timely feedback on the problems found on the drawings, such as thin areas, sink marks, melting marks, air holes, undercuts, gate locations, gate types, etc.

    After the design is completed, we will check the strength of the mold, the circuit, the cooling system, the interference area, and the thinner area to ensure that the product design drawings provided by us can ensure that the final product has a good state, and has a long die life and work efficiency.

  • Mold material control

    Steel suppliers are required to provide steel quality assurance certificates and material certificates. Jin Matai will conduct steel inspections before acceptance.

  • Mold processing quality control

    The quality control and project management progress of key processes will be organized into written documents and weekly customer progress and quality reports will be provided. The mold technician must inspect the appearance of the mold, the cooling system, and the mold assembly process in accordance with company standards and customer standards.

  • Mold spare parts purchase and control

    We will focus on qualified spare parts to meet customer requirements for standard parts, quality standards and purchasing time.

  • Mold assembly control

    The physical processing will be carried out according to established procedures, and relative inspections will be conducted. Strictly inspecting cores, cavities, inserts, guide posts, back needles, angle lifts, sliders, ejectors, cooling systems, connectors, etc. do match.

  • Mold inspection before shipping

    Prepare documents before shipping, such as spare parts list, mold inspection video, process documentation, 2D/3D drawings, etc. We will certainly pack and transport according to customers' requirements to ensure the safety of shipping and air transport.

Service and cycle

Quality: technology and details are the key to quality.


Service: Quality leads to market and improvement leads to progress.

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1Quality: technology and details are the key to quality.


1. Polishing: The “every corner” of the product is hand-polished and has no dead angle, which solves the problem of small burrs that are easy to appear in the current product and improves the grade of the product.

2. Simple design: Under the premise of fast mold and high quality, the mold is designed as simple as possible, and solves the problem that the customer needs to spend a long time on the upper and lower molds, water level, and replacement of mold parts.


1. Structural design of the mold: After customer confirmation, one group designers jointly propose the structural plan, analyze the defects of the product, make the product mold quickly, which solves the problem that the customer produces the product slowly.

2. Water level design: Precise water path ranking for each mold, better water level solves the problem that product defects are easy to deform.

3. Mold flow analysis: The technicians and the computer are simultaneously analyzing and accurately aligning the rubber ports to solve the problems of “uneven wall thickness and eccentricity”.

4. Professional: Professional counterparts, experienced, and eliminate the small problems that often occur frequently.


The cycle of the product is the fatal point for customers to promote the product. The first person to try tomato is always the product at the forefront. With the delay of products, we will also face huge compensation, and we will lose one customer forever. What our customers are most worried about is what we value most.

3Service: Quality leads to market and improvement leads to progress.

The “HOKI mold” is presented in the form of a brand, and the service is the basis of a brand—service leads to brilliant.